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Paediatric Speech Pathology Services

Kids in the Hills Speech Pathology is committed to meeting the communication needs of young children ages 0-8 years through play-based and fun-filled therapy. 


We work with parents and their child to identify each child's strengths and weaknesses, then provide individualised therapy sessions to help your child develop new skills. 

Therapy is goal-directed, with blocks of therapy provided to help your child achieve specific agreed upon goals. 


Therapy includes teaching parents strategies that can be used at home to continue helping your child learn and practise new skills each day. 

This clinic has a specific interest in working with children with speech sound disorders, as well as children with language and/or literacy difficulties. 

Services for children include.....
  • Comprehensive assessments

  • Therapy sessions - blocks or one off consultations 

  • Individualised home programs 

  • Education and training for educators

Services for Speech Pathologists include.....
  • Clinical supervision - regular or ad hoc sessions

  • Workshops and training for speech pathologists 

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