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Marion Langdon 

B SP. Path (Hons),  University of Queensland

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathology Australia (CPSP)

Marion is a paediatric Speech Pathologist who graduated in 2003. She started Kids in the Hills Speech Pathology in 2015, after gaining a wide range of experience supporting children at schools, home, kindy/childcares and in the hospital context. She previously worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital helping children with hearing impairment and cochlear implants to develop oral communication skills. She has also worked at Montrose, a not-for-profit community organisation, supporting children with a wide range of disabilities and delays in their feeding and communication skill development. 

Marion is a practising member of Speech Pathology Australia and regular participates in further professional development activities. She enjoys working with younger children 0-8years in their early years, kindy, prep readiness and during the first few years of schooling. Her specific areas of interest and experience include working with speech sound disorders, early language and literacy difficulties.


She has completed further training in the following areas:

  • Late talkers - Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk

  • Early language - Derbyshire Language Scheme  

  • Literacy - Sounds-Write and Read3 programs 

  • Speech - frequent workshops including Elise Baker and Carrie Ebert  

  • Feeding - the SOS Feeding Approach



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