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Colorful Toys


Marion is able to offer group supervision and/or specific workshops tailored to the needs of the speech pathologists at your clinic. It may be face-to-face training if in Brisbane or via Zoom if outside of Brisbane

Some workshops are ready-made which can then be easily adapted to your specific clinic, including:

  •  Rethinking resources for therapy: Working smarter not harder: using everyday toys for play-based therapy​

  •  Using books in therapy for different speech and language goals

  • Speech Sound Disorders: 

                - Creating an assessment battery                

                - All things related to CAS

                - A deep dive into lisps

                - Types of cueing and sound elicitation

                - Achieving those elusive 100 trials!

                - Goal selection in complex cases

                - Phonological vs articulation vs motor speech interventions

  •  Literacy :

                - Creating an assessment battery 

                - What skills am I actually assessing and treating?

                - Overview of Sounds Write and Read3 programs

                - Treatment principles overview 

 Please contact the clinic if you are interested in finding out more and discussing how I can help.  


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