Upcoming webinars:

No webinars are currently planned however if you are interested in attending the workshop below (previously run in 2021) please contact us at kidsinthehills.sp@gmail.com 

  • Rethinking resources for therapy: Working smarter not harder 

 An online session filled with practical ideas and strategies to help the busy speech pathologist increase efficiency in planning therapy sessions while maximising client engagement and helping achieve their goals.

This session is aimed at SLPs working in private practice with a client caseload of 3-8yrs predominantly focusing on speech, language and literacy goals, including:

- new graduates and graduates within the past 5 years

- students

- SLPs looking for inspiration with sessions


Specific training for speech pathologists, teachers and/or childcares can be developed based upon your specific needs. Please contact the clinic if you are interested in finding out more. 

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